How To Choose a Domain Name – 9 Important Tips


How To Choose a Domain Name – 9 Important Tips

I saw many posts on social sites like Facebook by beginners about the selection of domains according to their requirements. And I know every time a new person / company wants to create a website to make their presence online for a long time. Obviously, he / she will care much more for customers, visitors or SEO. So beginners ask for help on social sites and SEO experts for the first step that how to choose a domain name for a website. That’s why I thought I should write a detailed article on the suggestions for choosing a domain name.

By the way, I have started this website to get help and solutions for beginners. So, can you read complete articles on how to create a successful website? The solutions from beginning to end are present here. Now read below some tips on how to select an optimized domain name for SEO.

Tips to choose the best and easiest domain name:

1. Ease, How to do it?

Your domain name must be memorable. Because it will help your customers and visitors to remember it. For example, if I visited for a health topic. And after a few days or months, I need to open up that health issue again. But when I try to look in mind. Aah, I completely forgot that place, why did it happen? It is only because of the long name that it was very difficult and long and difficult to remember. So now the question is how to choose an easy domain name? Check some screenshots.

As you saw in the screenshot, the first name of the website is very difficult to remember. But if we compare it with others, they are easy to remember. So always select an easy one for your brand. When choosing a simple one, remember that you should be able to call a unique brand name.

2. Include your main keyword:

If you are creating a website for online presence or to grow your business, you are obviously doing it for any special keyword. Like health, sports, blogs, etc. The domain that includes the main keyword will be classified faster and will be memorable for your visitors. So try to include your main keyword. For example, if I want to make a health website, I will buy health belly, health intro, Extensional, etc. It is also noted that many domains that contain the keyword of the theme of the main site have a higher ranking than domains without a keyword.

3. Local presence:

If you are making your site for a specific province, city or country. For example, if you want to make your site only for Pakistan, you must select only the extension .pk or for India .in etc., but if you want to do it Only for a specific city such as Lahore. Then, you must include the name of your city in the domain, that is, healthcare, phosphorescent, etc. All your visitors will be deleted, and the clients that only Lahore serves can be of any service.

4. Exclude characters and numbers:

Do not include characters and numbers, since both are difficult to write and remember. But they also create problems in understanding and writing. For example, if a URL is health10.extension, some of your visitors will think that your health is 1O, not zero. But in reality it is zero, so you can confuse your visitors by remembering and writing what it really is. The same characters are also difficult to write. So always try to avoid characters and numbers.

5.Shortness, how to do it?

Always try to buy a short domain name, as it can be useful for your visitors to remember it and be easy while writing in seconds as As the world goes to short and easy version. So human beings are becoming lazy every day. So nobody likes to write big names. And short domain names are also good to share on social networking sites like, etc. For example, healthonline11website is a large, numeric name, so avoid names like this. You can do it short like ‘webhealth.extension’.

how-to-choose-domain-name easily

6. How to select the domain name extension:

I noticed that webmasters resist beginners to choose other extensions (TLD) or higher level domains instead of .com. So today I clarify with some results that in reality what is the problem with others. If the .com extension is very famous, easy to remember and there are also many benefits of .com TLD. So everyone has a website with this tld. But some other extensions are on top too. So nobody cares, like Google, Bing, Ask, the search engines of AOL, what is its extension. They classify .com as .net .org. Therefore, if it is available in any other extension, do not be afraid to buy any other extension instead of .com. Neither your presence or online business nor your SEO will be impaired. These extensions are just categories like .net is for Internet websites, .org is for organizations, .biz is for business. How to choose the perfect domain name.

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8. Related domains and extensions:

When you buy a domain for a big business, to blog or for any other purpose. I recommend buying your domain name with other extensions available as well. For example, if you are running and your ranking is high with good visitors. Suddenly, anyone buys a or .org or with any other extension. Therefore, I can believe that some of your visitors will visit that site by mistake with other TLDs. If that competitor grows your business, it can defeat you or at least some content. So, if you are going to run a company or a long-standing business, be careful with these tips.

9. Availability of social names:

Always think that you will go high so you can manage your business for a long time. Then, before selecting your completed domain name, verify that your company name is available on social networking sites or that someone already has. And already this registered trademark is registered. If yes, I recommend that you choose another. Because it will create many problems for you. So I have a tool, where you can verify the name of your company for all sites. Knowem Open it and simply enter your desired name.
These tips are enough for today. I will write another simpler article on how to select a domain name for a blog or website. So you can get more ideas about the selection of domain names. If you are satisfied after reading these tips, please share with us on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube, to get the latest updates. Keep visiting Thanks.


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